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In this page I'm supposed to show you all I can do. In theory, the reel is the actor's letter of introduction to the world. Ain't that a thing... Right?


In a matter of no more than three minutes you must see me embodying several characters, in different types of film, acting and acting but, above all, reacting and reacting to what others say.

After all, nobody puts up with so much time, three minutes. But there they are, all those expectations, ready to turn me upside down.


Go ahead, don't hold back. You will watch me not only in Spanish scenes, but also Basque, English, Italian and French. And I will add some in Portuguese too, very soon. This show reel thing was all about showing, wasn't it?

Álvaro Subiés | VIDEOBOOK 2024 REEL

Álvaro Subiés | VIDEOBOOK 2024 REEL

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